10 killed when Pertamina fuel truck crashes into several vehicles at an intersection

Ten people were killed and five others injured after a Pertamina fuel truck collided with several cars and motorcycles at a red traffic light in Bekasi, West Java yesterday afternoon.

According to the police, the truck was traveling on a ramp in Jalan Alternative Sibopur towards the intersection, where several vehicles stopped at a red light. The truck driver claimed to the police that his brakes failed, and the car collided with the victims at full speed.

Police found no brake signs from the truck at the scene. However, the authorities are still investigating the accident and have not yet confirmed the driver’s claim that there was a brake failure.

The driver has not been charged as of the date this article was published.

Brigadier General An Suhanda, director of the National Police Traffic Corps’ Law Enforcement Directorate, admitted that the design of the road – a steep incline that suddenly leads to an intersection – may have been a major factor in the accident.

We will investigate all those involved, including the road management parties, to see if there has been negligence [in the design],” he is He said.

Seven of the victims were male and three were female. Among them was a naval officer and his wife. The five were slightly injured.

The accident is reminiscent of another that occurred in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan in January, where a truck that was coming down a steep cliff was unable to brake and collided with several cars at a red light. Five people were killed in that accident.

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