13-year-old arrested for breaking into McDonald’s dessert booth to steal HK$10 ice cream

A 13-year-old boy in Hong Kong who apparently uploaded a video of himself breaking into a McDonald’s dessert booth to steal HK$10 (US$1.27) ice cream has been arrested and released on bail.

copy from video It was traded online.

The boy, dressed in black, can be seen entering the candy booth saying “making free ice cream” at the beginning of the 24-second video.

Then he said , “[A] sundae,” as if it were the tradition of a fast-food chain customer making an order.

After offering himself a cup of ice cream, he runs and passes a younger looking child who can be seen watching him.

according to Singing Tao DiliThe accident occurred at a McDonald’s outlet in Chic Cape Me in Kowloon.

The report added that the company said it had handed the matter over to the police.

The report also quoted police as saying that a 13-year-old had been arrested on suspicion of stealing HK$10 worth of food.

The force said the boy was arrested on Sunday in Sham Shui Po and released on bail.

The report added that he should report to the police next month.

Some netizens described the boy as silly because he filmed himself committing the crime of theft, while others condemned him for being a bad role model for children.

One netizen said, “It’s stupid that this is being filmed.”

“Ice cream theft is a small matter, I worry more about it spreading [the Covid-19] Virus😡,” added another.

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