A bully without a mask attacks a security guard in Tampines (video)

There was a brawl between a man without masks and a guard who was just doing his job, and it was this morning after the Singapore security community called him in.

The unidentified man was caught on CCTV pushing and punching security guard Souris Perumal Monday night at about 10:20 p.m. at the Giant Hypermart in Tampines Retail Park.

“SAS strongly condemns this unnecessary and violent act of abuse against SO Sures, who was merely carrying out his duties. A police report has been made,” the Security Association of Singapore, or SAS, wrote yesterday.

A police report was made.

The association said the attacker blunted Soris after he became “unhappy” because the guard told him to wear a mask and entered the building. A minute later, he appeared to strike and punch Soris, who did not retaliate. More shouting and punches were thrown until members of the audience intervened to stop the fight.

Sass said Akeed suffered bruises.

“This is yet another disgusting incident of abusing a security officer who was only carrying out his duties. […] “Police attended the matter at the scene and we will leave it to the authorities to investigate and take appropriate action,” President Raj Joshua Thomas said.

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