A man in Hong Kong appears to fall to a tragic death while trying to recover AirPods that fell out of a window

A 26-year-old man apparently fell to his death in the early hours of Tuesday after trying to pick up AirPods he dropped on an umbrella outside his apartment windows, according to local media reports.

Singing Tao Dili She mentioned that the tragedy happened around 1 am.

The man was found lying on a street side in Sai Wan with severe head injuries.

The newspaper added that paramedics arrived at the scene moments later and took the victim to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment, where he was later declared dead.

The newspaper said it understood that the man is married and works in construction.

His wife and child are currently in mainland China and he was staying with his brother in the apartment.

The newspaper said the victim was believed to have been playing video games when he dropped the AirPods onto the metal canopy on the outside of the building.

She added that the man tried to pick up the wireless headphones, but unfortunately died.

Singing Tao Dili He pointed to the presence of bloodstains at the accident site, as well as AirPods believed to belong to the victim.

The police also found the charger case for the earphones and a smartphone with an online game loaded.

The newspaper also reported that several eyewitnesses believed he was trying to commit suicide and tried to stop him.

But he replied that he was not trying to jump to death. It is believed that the victim slipped and fell soon after.

The newspaper also quoted the police as saying that preliminary investigations showed that the man stumbled and accidentally fell from his apartment, but the cause of death was not determined after the autopsy. The case is currently classified as a fall from height.

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