A police officer was injured while storming an Islamic school to arrest a suspected child molester

more than one thousand Police officers have reportedly been deployed to help arrest a suspect who molested a child at an Islamic school in Jombang, East Java, who has defied the police on several occasions in recent weeks.

A member of the Police Mobile Brigade unit sustained a wound to his right arm amid resistance from local residents, students and staff who placed themselves between the police army and the 42-year-old fugitive MSAT. The injured policeman was taken from the scene of the accident to the hospital in an ambulance.

Police surrounded the school at 7 a.m. and eventually managed to seize the MSAT. In addition, the police arrested about 35 MSAT supporters, who did their part in trying to prevent the police from apprehending the fugitive.

MSAT was accused of molesting a female student at the school in 2019. He was named a suspect in November of that year after repeatedly refusing to be questioned by police. The MSAT then filed two pretrial applications to clear his name, both of which were denied.

Police, armed with an arrest warrant, sought to arrest the MSAT in January 2022 at the school, but hundreds of local residents and students surrounded the school, insisting the suspect was charged. Recently, on Sunday, cops chased after a car carrying MSAT, only to be shot with airsoft guns by the suspect’s followers. MSAT was able to return to school and was once again protected from the police by a mob numbering in the hundreds.

Also on Sunday, MSAT’s father and school leader, Morsi Thrigouh Shadiqiah, forced Jombang Police Chief Moh Norhadit to kneel as he demanded the police drop the charges against his son. The interaction video went viral and made police look petite when confronted by a religious authority, but Nur Hedayat said afterwards that he remains committed to capturing the MSAT.

Separately, police said Morsi could face criminal charges of aiding a fugitive.

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