A security guard in West Jakarta caught the camera forcibly kissing an hour

West Jakarta police are looking into an alleged sexual harassment incident involving a security guard at an apartment in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, who was caught on camera forcibly kissing a female courier.

A video of the CCTV recording went viral on the Internet, in which the suspect, identified as 48-year-old K, was dressed as his security guard. He entered the room the victim was sitting in, and approached her to have a conversation.

The suspect then touched the woman’s shoulder, prompting her to try to push him away. Soon, the suspect bent down to kiss her. The victim, who looked shocked, kicked him out again before pointing to a CCTV camera installed in the corner of the room. The suspect glanced at the surveillance camera briefly, and spoke briefly with the woman before she got up and left him in the room alone.

The accident reportedly occurred on June 29.

West Jakarta Police spokesman Tawfiq Ehsan confirmed that K. He forced himself on the victim in order to get a kiss.

After the victim reported the incident to West Jakarta Police, she received psychological counseling from the Women and Child Empowerment Center (P2TP2A). Today, the police said that the security guard is being questioned by the authorities.

Joko Doi Harsono, head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of West Jakarta Police, said the victim and suspect knew each other due to the proximity of their workplaces. He said the sexual harassment seriously affected the victim.

“The victim is shocked, she is frightened and shocked,” Goku said.

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