A video of the late Shinzo Abe, the best man at singer Agnes Chan’s wedding in Hong Kong, went viral

As the world mourns the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, netizens have revealed precious footage of the politician visiting Hong Kong for the wedding of singer-turned-educational Agnes Chan 36 years ago.

The Hong Kong-born singer, who began promoting in Japan in the 1970s, married her former manager Tsutomu Kaneko in 1986 at the Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the middle levels.

Abe, who was a classmate with Kaneko during their college days, was the best man at the wedding.

Screengrab from Seki Yuen’s YouTube video showing best man Shinzo Abe at Agnes Chan’s wedding.

According to current affairs commentator Poon Siu-to, Abe has been a fan of Chan, known for his hit events including “The Circle Game” and “Poppy Flower,” since the 1970s.

She also invited the former prime minister to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her debut in 2003.

at recent days Facebook shareChan said she had been friends with Abby for many years, and she was very sad, angry, and in pain.

“Our whole family doesn’t know how to accept this reality,” she said.

“I hope Mr. Abe rests in peace.”

She also thanked him for their support and encouragement over the years and hoped that his wife would take care of her health.

Many netizens also expressed their grief over Abe’s death and offered their condolences to his wife.

“I met Mr. Abe at the Tokyo bus station several years ago. He is very nice. He even told me to enjoy my trip in Tokyo,” said one Facebook user who appears to be from Hong Kong.

Separately, the Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong I opened a condolence book for Abby At 46/F at One Exchange Square downtown. People who want to pay their respects can go there from 10 am to 4 pm today (12 July).

The Consulate General indicated that there will be identity checks upon entering the Consulate and that it is unable to accept any souvenir flowers.

Alternatively, the Consulate General also welcomes Condolences via email that is sent today to infojp@hn.mofa.go.jp With the subject line “Condolences: Former Prime Minister Abe”.

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