A woman gets angry and rips the car’s license plate off from the second link of Tuas, the police investigate

We’ve seen a lot of road rage accidents, but none quite like this.

The accident occurred on Saturday along the Tuas Second Link bridge linking Singapore and Johor with Malaysia. According to a statement issued by the Iskandar Puteri policeIt all started when cars lined up to pass through the immigration barrier. A Toyota Alphard tried to change lanes and ended up colliding with a red Kia.

In a video posted to the Singapore Incidents Instagram account that went viral, a woman who was at KIA can be seen trying to stop Toyota from moving by putting pressure on her with all her might. Then she turned and pressed her back against the car as she ripped off her license plate. Then she smashed the plate on the windshield of Toyota cars.

A Kia driver, a man in a blue shirt, ran in and gave the minivan the middle finger before he and the woman rushed to their car. Then Alphard’s driver gets out to retrieve the car’s license plate from the road.

Another video of the accident was posted SG Road Vigilantes And taken from Alphard’s dashcam it shows an earlier part of the confrontation, in which the woman stands defiantly in front of the car and refuses to move.

She and her phone can be seen filming the car and its driver. Someone could hear her calling her crazy. A man says they will call the police, but the woman nods and nods in response.

Johor police said they are investigating the incident under Article 427 of the Malaysian Penal Code, which states that those guilty of tort and damages amounting to 25 Malaysian ringgit (US$5.65) or more could face fines and a prison sentence of up to two years.

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