Add Oil An An: The 35-year-old Hong Kong panda is said to be ‘poor appetite’ and ‘run out of spirits’

Fans of Anne, the Chinese giant panda gifted by Hong Kong in 1999, may have noticed it missing from its enclosure in Ocean Park over the past two weeks.

according to Facebook share From the amusement park, it’s because his sponsors found An An “poor appetite and low spirits to greet his fans” recently.

So, she calls for support and prayers for this 35-year-old, who has lived the equivalent of 105 human years.

“Let’s leave our blessing in the comment box below, or leave the ‘heart’ emoji to wish him a speedy recovery,” Ocean Park said in the post.

An An is currently the world’s longest-lived male giant panda in human care.

In the wild, giant pandas can live up to 20 years on average, while those under human care can live up to 30 years.

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