Another mistake on a train crossing hundreds of Singaporeans

All criticism is directed at the SMRT train operator today after a train error disrupted hundreds of morning flights.

Large numbers of people were left stranded at Caldecott Station around 8am this morning after day Signal error Along the Thompson East Coast line at all stations in both directions.

In her latest update, she said services resumed after nearly four hours.

“Rail services have resumed between Woodlands North and Caldecott. Free shuttle and coach services have been halted. We regret that we impacted passenger flights,” SMRT He said.

SMRT added that six of the trains were stopped, passengers were safely disembarked, and free buses were provided. Their engineers were working to correct the problem and more staff were deployed to help manage the crowds.

But the passengers who were there this morning said otherwise. They claimed that the staff did not do a good job with the queues and there were no free buses available.

“I was there this morning. Although there were no trains, people were not prevented from getting off. This led to congestion on the platform as well as going up the escalators. There were no shuttle buses either at that time,” Mansoura Sajahan wrote.

“Bad service! Your staff are not well prepared to do risk management! Your staff just pointed me in the wrong direction and there was no free shuttle and only bus 235!” wrote William HR.

There were nine affected stations on the line from Woodlands North to Caldecott. It is the newest line and opened in 2020.

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