App-solete: Indonesia to downsize government apps from 24,000 to 8

While most apps these days are designed to make our lives more efficient, the Indonesian government has proven ridiculously inefficient in its spending on software, as it has proceeded to delete thousands of outdated apps.

According to Minister of Information and Communications Johnny J. Plait, the government, through its various institutions, currently has a very bloated list of 24,000 applications.

But they are not effective. So we need to create more integrated and efficient super government apps — about eight to 10 of them,” Johnny says He said yesterday.

“The Ministry is preparing a roadmap.”

Of course, Indonesia already has many of these so-called super apps that also perform administrative functions for the government, including, but not limited to, paying taxes and tracking COVID-19 mobility. However, the most popular of these applications are privately developed.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani added that the government has developed more than 400,000 applications, many of which serve individual functions.

“Imagine that. Each institution has its own 2,700 database” He said.

Ministers have not offered an explanation for how the number of government apps has spiraled out of control, only that it will narrow the list down to just a handful.

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