At Sathorn Cafe “Treppenhaus” coffee comes with a serious talk

Bangkok has a new café with not only cups of joe but also a space to discuss social issues.

A stone’s throw from the Goethe-Institut, Trippenhaus It is a new place for politicians and the politically minded to grab a coffee (55 THB, all kinds) and exchange ideas on hot topics.

“Coffee is the beginning of a gathering, a link to bring people together. After that, we can start talking about everything that matters to us,” said the owner Petsanwat “Tam” Singchai. “This is a safe space to discuss any social issues you are passionate about.”

Photo: Treppenhaus Bangkok

Upon completing his education in psychology and urban planning in Germany, Tam opened a German language and counseling school to help Thai students who wish to study there. That funds the Treppenhaus project, which aims to promote change in his homeland, Tam said.

Every Sunday on the first of the month is called the Sunday Council, where Tam invites politicians, NGO workers and activists to a panel discussion on a variety of topics. One of the most recent titles addressing domestic violence featured Bauina Hongsakull, President of the Bawena Hongsakull Foundation for Children and Women.

Bitcoin “Tam” Singchai

Every third Thursday hosts Pride at work To bring the LGBTQ+ community together to talk about the difficulties they face in the workplace. In the future, there will be a weekly women’s day dedicated to social issues related to women.

“I hope this helps create new political dynamics,” Tam said. “I want to make politics for everyone to pick up, discuss, and find solutions together more creatively.”

Treppenhaus is located in Soi Ngam Duphli, about 5 minutes’ walk from MRT Lumphini.

Photo: Treppenhaus Bangkok
Photo: Treppenhaus Bangkok

This story originally appeared in BK.

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