Attractive science lesson song for dedicated teacher gets an A+ from internet

A primary school teacher in the Philippines has gained some well-deserved internet fame after a video of the catchy song he created to teach his students a science lesson went viral and racked up nearly two million views.

Jerik Maribau, a sixth grade teacher at Bag-ong Anunang Diut Primary School in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental, has earned widespread acclaim for creating the catchy melody he used to teach his students how to distinguish between homogeneous and inhomogeneous mixtures.

The teacher illustrated these examples with pizza and juice – and presented them to a handful of pupils in his class.

Users praised the teacher for his unique and creative approach to teaching.

Someone said, “You are very creative, sir.”

“Wonderful teaching skills, sir. Students can understand the lesson easily, and it has a great impact on students,” said another.

Maribau has also created and published songs on other subjects such as geography, mathematics, and history.

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