Bali police crack down on fraudulent money changers in Kuta

In response to an Australian couple falling victim to an exchange scam in Legian last week, Bali police said they aimed to locate dishonest currency exchange sites in the island’s tourism hotspots and bring them to justice.

As previously reported, a husband and wife from below who were traveling on the Island of the Gods exchanged 800 USD with the teller at the rate of 14,000 IDR per USD.

Once they got back to their hotel, they realized they were just under IDR 2.2 million (US$146) based on the agreed price.

The teller was immediately shut down and blacklisted by local officials.

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While money exchange scams are not entirely new to the island (this online discussion on TripAdvisor from 10 years ago really delves into the issue), this latter case can be frustrating, especially since Bali only recently welcomed international tourists after being forced into a two-year closure due to epidemic.

Bali police say they are after fraudulent money changers. They said that last Tuesday, the police, with the support of the village authorities, the Satpol PP (Public Order Agency), and the Central Bank located 16 illegal teller in the Kuta region.

All of them were immediately closed.

“We immediately ordered the Denpasar police and the Kuta police [put them] In order, “Bali Police Spokesman Stefanos Satake Bayo Setianto He said yesterday.

Stefanos said that there are fraudulent money changers May cause distress among tourists And it could negatively affect Bali’s image as a global tourist destination.

On the other hand, he also suggested that people pay close attention during the exchange, and only choose legitimate and licensed money changers.

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