Bangkok’s original viral burger, Daniel Tiger, turns five tomorrow – we’ve got deets in the party and plans to expand

Five years ago, one of the best things to do in Bangkok was to go and queue up in front of a Daniel Tiger burger truck on Soi 38 and pray that you and your friends get one of the trendiest American-style burgers before running. outside and shut down, as they inevitably did every night in those days.

Pictured: Daniel Thieger
Pictured: Daniel Thieger

Since the truck was always on the move, people were anxiously checking the company’s Facebook page only to find out basic details of where they parked that night, when they opened, or whether the burgers had actually sold out for the day. Bangkok residents rejoiced, posting pictures of themselves with their coveted burger in front of the instantly recognizable red van.

Much has changed in Bangkok, its food scene, and with Daniel Thier in the next half-decade.

Over the years, other burgers have had their moments in the spotlight – including the current viral burger spot Homburg, where the chef is famous for making only four cheeseburgers a day – and the world-famous street food area on Soi 38 has unfortunately been on and off completely, apparently in the name of modernization or something like that. sigh.

However, Daniel Thier has kept his own reputation and cemented his reputation in a city where the food fad is disappearing with the difficulty and speed with which it appears.

Thus, the brand will celebrate its fifth birthday tomorrow with a burger party at Thong Lor’s The Commons, where all burgers will be offered at half price. Coconut Meet up with co-founder Honey Nualanong to chat about the event.

Pictured: Daniel Thieger
Pictured: Daniel Thieger

She told us that while she and co-founder Marc Falcioni had always expected the company to do well, they could not have foreseen the demand and audiences that would bring them together. In fact, they did not initially dream of passing through their one truck.

“In five years, we have gone from one food truck to multiple outlets. We currently have two food trucks, Daniel Thieger Sukhumvit 11 and Daniel Thieger at The Commons, and a central production kitchen that serves as a delivery hub.”

I remembered that it was kind of the only game in town for upscale burgers at the time. “There wasn’t really a burger scene five years ago. There were only a few places that served gourmet-style burgers, and now they’re everywhere,” she notes, noting that many of them are great.

Pictured: Daniel Thieger
Pictured: Daniel Thieger

One of the great things about it, in her opinion, is that with all the different styles available, everyone should be able to find what they like. In addition, the healthy competition also means that all burger holders will always have to put their best burger game forward. I don’t feel complacent and crazy.

Next up for the Thaiger brand is a launch in Siem Reap with a new truck at the end of this year or early next year. After that, expansion into other neighboring countries may be a possibility. They are also considering opening up in some other parts of Bangkok.

Daniel, after whom the work is named.  Pictured: Daniel Thieger
Daniel, after whom the work is named. Pictured: Daniel Thieger

Delivery fans will be happy to hear Thaiger’s focus on making delivery more efficient, too – a huge problem in Bangkok right now that Uber Eats has left and other delivery services seem to be struggling to meet demand. “We would like burgers to be in people’s hands as quickly as possible from the time of ordering. This is one of our biggest initiatives at the moment.”

Unlike in the good old days, Honey is pretty sure they won’t be short on burgers at tomorrow’s party, but she’s familiar with Bangkok’s fairly large fan base – many of whom will likely show up hungry – as she said, “You’ll never know.”

look for it:

5th Anniversary of Daniel Thieger in the House of Commons
Commons, Village Floor
335 Thong Lor Sui 17
Tomorrow, 11 AM – 12 AM
BTS Thong Lor

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