Becky no! Aceh authorities are hunting a tourist who was photographed walking on the beach in a two-piece swimsuit

Authorities in Aceh are hunting a foreign tourist after she was filmed making one of the biggest cultural and religious mistakes in the conservative province.

A video apparently circulated by a local resident last week shows a pair of Caucasian tourists strolling on a beach in Aceh Singkil Regency. The woman was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, while the man was wearing shorts but a towel was hanging over his shoulder.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that has a special authority to enact Sharia law. under Aceh Law (Islamic Penal Code), both men and women are required to dress modestly in public, which effectively excludes the wearing of a bikini.

The original uploader of the video said the tourists might have thought they were in Bali and were not familiar with the customs and laws of Aceh.

Ahmad Yani, Head of Satpol PP (Public Order Agency) of Aceh Singkil and Wilayat Hesba (Religious Police) confirmed that the video was taken last Wednesday and authorities are looking for the tourists for the bikini crime (but not too many shorts). ).

“But we couldn’t find more tourists in Singkel,” said He said.

“We urge all tourists who go to the beach in Aceh Singkil to comply with the rules.”

in 2016Authorities in Luxembourg warned two German tourists after one of them wore a bikini on the beach. Then the tourists claimed their ignorance of the customs of Aceh.

Penalties for violations of the law are increasing in Aceh. The county has been known to beat civilians in public for abuses such as drinking alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

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