Bibingka is ranked 12th in the ranking of the 50 best cakes in the world

humble bibingka It was named one of the 50 best cakes in the world, according to a list released by online travel guide TasteAtlas.

Coconut rice cake ranked 12th on the list, even beating world favorites like the Spanish Basque cheesecake, which came in at number 22, and the classic American chocolate molten cake, which came at number 35.

In the first place was the Bulgarian penny tortilla, a chocolate cake made of walnuts, egg whites and powdered sugar.

For those who didn’t enjoy eating a thin plate bibingka On your own, it is the most consumed breakfast or afternoon snack in the Philippines during the Christmas season and is often paired with coffee or ginger tea. It’s made with sticky rice and coconut milk and baked in a terracotta oven while lined with banana leaves. Add salted eggs and cheese over the mixture just before you finish baking, and serve with shredded coconut and some butter or ghee.

The Taste Atlas rating was based on average audience scores.

The online food guide has featured the Philippines several times in its rankings: Filipino food ranked 19th in the list of the 50 best cuisines in the world, while Lumbang Shanghai And the Turtang Talong It is ranked among the best rated dishes in Southeast Asia.

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