Boracay is ranked in TIME’s list of the 50 Greatest Places in the World

Rehabilitation efforts on Boracay Island seem to have paid off – the world-famous island was named one of TIME’s “Greatest Places in the World in 2022”, joining other global destinations such as Seoul, San Francisco, Copenhagen and Miami.

“The glistening white sands and clear waters of Boracay Island were choked with rubbish and the traffic that comes in from two million visitors a year. It hit rock bottom in 2018, when Duterte shut down all tourism on the island for six months—an emergency first aid to decades of environmental abuse, Charlie wrote Campbell of Time magazine on the island.

Then the epidemic struck, and the Philippines closed its borders, halting even domestic tourism to Boracay. It took a heavy toll on the local economy, but the bright side was that 4 square miles. A spot in the Visayas island chain has the time to truly recover.”

TIME added that as the island reopens to tourists, locals can once again enjoy its famous flora and fauna, such as sea turtles, after Boracay was effectively closed to tourists for three years due to the pandemic.

“From February 2022, international visitors can finally enjoy this revitalized and renewed natural stadium after a three-year recuperation period.”

Boracay’s recognition was praised by the Ministry of Tourism by the prominent publication.

“The Department of Transportation underlines its pride and honor as Boracay Island has once again proven its allure as a tourist haven. Tourism Minister Cristina Garcia Frasco said in a statement that this recognition will certainly help us achieve our goal of restoring our position in the global market.

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