Broken inheritance: A man in Bali broke his penis while he was a cowgirl

A 44-year-old man in Bali sustained a severe injury to his penis after engaging in intense intercourse with his partner in a proven case of penile fractures, although rare, Can is happening.

Sanglah General Hospital in Bali He said In their findings, which were published in International Journal of Surgery Case ReportsThe unidentified man was taken to the emergency room after his penis had swelled for three hours.

she was mentioned That after the man heard a “crack” during sex with his partner, who was in a cowgirl position, he felt excruciating pain and lost his erection (of course).

Doctors found a 3 cm fracture in the leg corpora cavernosa (The spongy tissue that contains most of the blood in the penis during an erection.) The man’s duct was also torn.

she was mentioned That doctors had to undo the man’s penis and sew the fracture back together again. Fortunately, the man recovered, regained all the functionality of his penis and was ready to return to work in three weeks.

A 50-year-old man in Surabaya suffered a similar mishap, Dr. Sutomo Hospital reported in the same journal.

A Surabaya man has suffered from a rare condition called “eggplant deformity”, in which his penis twisted due to blunt trauma after having sex with his wife. The penis swollen and turned purple for four hours.

Doctors had to make an incision in the man’s scrotum to restore normal blood flow.

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