‘Buenazo’ brings bold Peruvian flavors to Thonglor

The march of Peruvian cuisine has been unstoppable this year. Following the opening of Anantara Siam’s Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Guilty, Bangkok has another Peruvian-focused eatery, Buenazo, at The Commons Thonglor.

Though the place looks a bit boxy — with a maximum capacity of around 10 encasing an open-kitchen — there’s something larger than life to this cozy eatery. Each wooden plank they used was, in fact, taken from sunken boats purchased from fishers in Phetchaburi, reflecting Buenazo’s mission for sustainability and social responsibility.

The man behind the kitchen is Peruvian chef Santiago Fernandez, who was initially part of the Urban Refugee Kitchen at Na Cafe Bangkok where immigrant families from various ethnic backgrounds cook food to raise social awareness.

Growing up in Peru’s capital Lima, Fernandez said that even among Peruvians, the cuisine is uniquely diverse.

“So, I want you to have a taste of my version of Peruvian dishes,” he said.

Start with Classico Ceviche (THB365) local sea bass marinated in citrus leche de tiger, which is quite sparklingly fresh. The next dish, Aki Amarillo Mixto Ceviches (THB395), sees bright yellow Peruvian chili paste with the addition of plump shrimp and squid.

Aki Amarillo Mixto Ceviches (THB395)

There’s also Arroz Verde De Chicken (THB365) which Fernandez comically describes as Peruvian khao mun gai, topped with Huancaina sauce. Another fun dish is Lomo Saltado (THB435), a traditional Peruvian stir-fried tenderloin beef with onions and tomatoes with flavors that somehow remind us of Chinese sweet-and-sour stir fry. It’s hard to miss their beef heart skewer anticuchos (THB195); though quite pricey, it’s definitely something worth going back for.

Arroz Verde De Chicken (THB365)

Buenazo is located inside The Commons Thonglor, a community mall on Soi Thonglor 17. It’s open noon until 9pm every day.

Beef heart skewer anticuchos (THB195)
Lomo Saltado (THB435

This story originally appeared in BK.

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