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Patpong Museum brings back the ’70s-style ‘High Times’ party for the second week

After a successful turnout last Friday for a weed party, a museum located in the red-light district announced today that it will extend the fun times.

Friday night, the Patpong Museum will bring back its High Times concert where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of the 1970s era when CIA agents spent their lives in Bangkok. Some cannabis will be available for 300 THB – 900 THB per gram.

The party is restricted to attendees 20 and over – the legal age for purchase and consumption in Thailand.

The event will run from 9pm onwards on Friday.

Since June 9, all parts of the cannabis plant have been decriminalized. While waiting for the cannabis law to go into effect – which the health minister said should happen no later than September – smoking cannabis in public could trigger a warning of public nuisance. Repeat offenders face arrest.


The Secret History of Sex: Relive the Lustful Seventy Years of Patpong at the New Museum

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Is Tropical Hut Opening at BGC?

The Tropical Hut craze seems to be paying off in a big way – the local, old-school fast-food chain, forgotten in obscurity, appears to be opening its first new branch in years inside the posh business district of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.

Stock analyst JP Tanyag, who posted the viral original tweet that led to the burger provider’s resurgence in popularity, has drawn the attention of social media users to the official Facebook page of Barangay Pitogo in Makati City, which has posted a job listing for the newly created Tropical Hut branch.

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Barangay Pitogo is located in Makati City, next to BGC.

The post mentions openings for service crew members wishing to undergo training at Tropical Hut Shaw or Tropical Hut FTI and eventually be assigned to Tropical Hut BGC.

Coconut I reached out to Tropical Hut for comment.

Should Tropical Hut BGC exit, it would be one of the fast food chain’s first new branches to open in a long time – proof that the brand’s fame has improved its business fortunes enough that it’s looking to expand and serve a new set of customers.

The apparent branch opening is particularly interesting given that BGC is home to many of the metro’s most sought-after dining concepts, including the American import Shake Shack – I wonder how those burgers will manage to compete directly?

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Do you like tropical hut? Here are 11 other nostalgic establishments that still serve delicious old school meals

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Palawan, Boracay, Cebu make it to the list of the best islands in the world

In case you need more reasons to visit the Philippines or travel locally – three Philippine islands have just been ranked among the top 25 islands in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine in the latest edition of its annual list.

Boracay Islands (ranked 9), Palawan (ranked 11) and Cebu (ranked 16) topped the list, scoring 90.89, 90.81 and 90.89, respectively.

Publication released the best in the world The ratings are based on readers’ ratings of the island’s natural attractions and beaches, as well as activities, attractions, food, friendliness, and overall value.

In a statement, the Philippine Department of Tourism celebrated the inclusion of the country’s top tourist destinations in the publication. “The Philippines is truly blessed with the unparalleled beauty of our natural resources coupled with the endless warmth and talent of Filipinos that is evident in this quote from Travel + Leisure which included Cebu, Palawan and Boracay in their prestigious list,” Tourism Minister Cristina Frasco said.

Just too late to make it Travel + Leisure Last year’s rankings (at number 19), so having three of our islands on this last list is quite an achievement. Greece is the only other country to have three of its islands included in this year’s list.

READ: Boracay has been named to TIME’s list of the 50 Greatest Places in the World

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Trolls defy! Singapore shares the fun of mislabeling people and places in viral messages

Trolls in Singapore have had a lot of fun lately trying to rival each other by devising the most ridiculously inaccurate ratings of places in the comment sections of a Facebook post.

A post by the Troll account Travel Scotland Goals, who intentionally mislabeled the captions on pictures of famous places, has gone viral, with more than 2,000 comments from users tagging people like Communications and Information Minister Josephine Teo as the Duchess of Cambridge and places like Phuket Tema Nature Reserve as Mt. Everest.

“I can’t believe people from Singapore have hijacked my comments section of this post and their comments are great,” Travel Scotland Goals wrote last night.

The phishing began with a June post from Travel Scotland Goals that featured an image of the iconic waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport which has been dubbed ‘Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston’.

However, the post didn’t gain traction until recently among Singaporeans, with local users joining in the fun by posting images such as one identifying Senior Secretary of State for Transport, Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor as Gordon Ramsay and another naming the iconic Merlion the “Loch Ness Monster”.

Even the official Changi Airport account shared by tagging Changi Jurassic Mile’s t-rex as “Jurassic World Dominion,” the latest installment in the Jurassic Park movie franchise.

The infamous woman who stole a license plate in a viral accident earlier this month has also been named the “world[‘s] Strongest Woman 2022 Champion.

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10 killed when Pertamina fuel truck crashes into several vehicles at an intersection

Ten people were killed and five others injured after a Pertamina fuel truck collided with several cars and motorcycles at a red traffic light in Bekasi, West Java yesterday afternoon.

According to the police, the truck was traveling on a ramp in Jalan Alternative Sibopur towards the intersection, where several vehicles stopped at a red light. The truck driver claimed to the police that his brakes failed, and the car collided with the victims at full speed.

Police found no brake signs from the truck at the scene. However, the authorities are still investigating the accident and have not yet confirmed the driver’s claim that there was a brake failure.

The driver has not been charged as of the date this article was published.

Brigadier General An Suhanda, director of the National Police Traffic Corps’ Law Enforcement Directorate, admitted that the design of the road – a steep incline that suddenly leads to an intersection – may have been a major factor in the accident.

We will investigate all those involved, including the road management parties, to see if there has been negligence [in the design],” he is He said.

Seven of the victims were male and three were female. Among them was a naval officer and his wife. The five were slightly injured.

The accident is reminiscent of another that occurred in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan in January, where a truck that was coming down a steep cliff was unable to brake and collided with several cars at a red light. Five people were killed in that accident.

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Becky no! Aceh authorities are hunting a tourist who was photographed walking on the beach in a two-piece swimsuit

Authorities in Aceh are hunting a foreign tourist after she was filmed making one of the biggest cultural and religious mistakes in the conservative province.

A video apparently circulated by a local resident last week shows a pair of Caucasian tourists strolling on a beach in Aceh Singkil Regency. The woman was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, while the man was wearing shorts but a towel was hanging over his shoulder.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that has a special authority to enact Sharia law. under Aceh Law (Islamic Penal Code), both men and women are required to dress modestly in public, which effectively excludes the wearing of a bikini.

The original uploader of the video said the tourists might have thought they were in Bali and were not familiar with the customs and laws of Aceh.

Ahmad Yani, Head of Satpol PP (Public Order Agency) of Aceh Singkil and Wilayat Hesba (Religious Police) confirmed that the video was taken last Wednesday and authorities are looking for the tourists for the bikini crime (but not too many shorts). ).

“But we couldn’t find more tourists in Singkel,” said He said.

“We urge all tourists who go to the beach in Aceh Singkil to comply with the rules.”

in 2016Authorities in Luxembourg warned two German tourists after one of them wore a bikini on the beach. Then the tourists claimed their ignorance of the customs of Aceh.

Penalties for violations of the law are increasing in Aceh. The county has been known to beat civilians in public for abuses such as drinking alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

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Order footage online from CCTV cameras in Bangkok. Here’s how.

Crime victims can now save time by accessing footage from Bangkok’s vast network of security cameras.

The new administration in Bangkok announced on Monday that people – well as Thai citizens – can use two channels to request footage from city-run security cameras where a crime occurred.

Before applying, people must have filed a police report at the scene of the accident, and then go to website Or the LineCCTVBangkok account to provide a copy of their Thai ID as well as the camera number, which can usually be found on a label. Online examples.

They must also provide the date and time of the desired shot, according to Vice Governor Wissanu Sapsompol.

The order can apply to up to six cameras, but the total footage cannot exceed three hours.

Applicants promise to receive their footage within 24 hours, which will only be available for seven days. After that, people will have to re-apply for access again.

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Eat halal food on Saturday at one of Bangkok’s historic Muslim communities

The Muslim community in Bangkok’s Charoen Krung district will share their food and culture on Saturday at a one-day flea market.

More than 50 halal stalls will dominate Soi Charoen Krung 36’s Aaron Food Festival on Saturday.

The street will be full of promising biryani, stave rotis, samosas, beef balls, jerkys and more. It is highly recommended to reach on an empty stomach.

This event is also an opportunity to visit or revisit one of the most important mosques in Bangkok, the Harun Mosque, which has been around for over 150 years.

The Haroon Food Festival will run from 9am-5pm on Saturday at Soi Charoen Krung 36.

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Bangkok accused “Klepto” of stealing seats, goods from the Red War Stadium

Last night, a woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing stadium seats and other merchandise linked to last week’s football match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Kinika Ratanantchai, 34, was arrested in a commercial building in Bangkok’s Thong Khro district after officers said she had discovered several red seats from the Bangkok Century Cup match a week earlier at Rajamangala Stadium.

Retrieved items included four players’ seats, 13 folding spectator chairs, 100 seat covers, and a poster to unlock the Jackson Wang scene.

The four padded players’ seats were found cut with a knife. It was said to be worth 413,000 baht because the match organizer, the Fresh Air Festival, planned to sell them for 100,000 baht each in an effort to recover costs.

Police said Keneka told them she had a burglary.

Some missing items were discovered on Friday, three days after Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Manchester United.

CCTV footage showed a man and a woman pulling things away. Police managed to track down the van used in the alleged robbery, and arrested the unidentified man.

He told them he was working for a private transport company hired by Kenika to move things from the stadium to an apartment complex in Ekkamai.


Feverish football fans in Bangkok loved every moment of the ‘red war’, no matter who won (photos)

Police say avoid Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok until the big match is over

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Jackson Wang will open Liverpool’s match against Manchester United in July

Liverpool and Manchester next “match of the century” to Rajamangala Stadium

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Bali police crack down on fraudulent money changers in Kuta

In response to an Australian couple falling victim to an exchange scam in Legian last week, Bali police said they aimed to locate dishonest currency exchange sites in the island’s tourism hotspots and bring them to justice.

As previously reported, a husband and wife from below who were traveling on the Island of the Gods exchanged 800 USD with the teller at the rate of 14,000 IDR per USD.

Once they got back to their hotel, they realized they were just under IDR 2.2 million (US$146) based on the agreed price.

The teller was immediately shut down and blacklisted by local officials.

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While money exchange scams are not entirely new to the island (this online discussion on TripAdvisor from 10 years ago really delves into the issue), this latter case can be frustrating, especially since Bali only recently welcomed international tourists after being forced into a two-year closure due to epidemic.

Bali police say they are after fraudulent money changers. They said that last Tuesday, the police, with the support of the village authorities, the Satpol PP (Public Order Agency), and the Central Bank located 16 illegal teller in the Kuta region.

All of them were immediately closed.

“We immediately ordered the Denpasar police and the Kuta police [put them] In order, “Bali Police Spokesman Stefanos Satake Bayo Setianto He said yesterday.

Stefanos said that there are fraudulent money changers May cause distress among tourists And it could negatively affect Bali’s image as a global tourist destination.

On the other hand, he also suggested that people pay close attention during the exchange, and only choose legitimate and licensed money changers.

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