Dian Sastrowardoyo and Putri Marino star in Netflix adaptation of bestselling novel ‘Gadis Kretek’

Pictures of famous Indonesian actresses Diane Sastroardoyo and Putri Marino recently drove Indonesians into a frenzy, with pictures confirming that they will co-star in a movie. Jadis Kretek (cigarette girl), Which will be a Netflix original series.

Diane and Pottery pictures with Jadis Kretek Scripts were tweeted during a reading session by the film’s account @WatchmenID yesterday, saying they would be involved in the project.

Netflix Indonesia today announced that the series is currently in production ahead of its expected release date in 2023.

Other than Diane and Puteri, the series will star famous Indonesian actors such as Ario Bayo and Arya Saluka (a celebrity) Cintron Icatan Sinta), among others. The series is directed by the husband-and-wife team of filmmakers Camilla Andini (Uni, Niscala scaffold) And Eva Espencia (Losmin bo proto, hoax).

Published 2012, Jadis Kretek Ratih Kumala’s bestselling novel. The novel has won many awards, including being included in the top ten books of the Indonesian Literature Prize Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa in the same year.

Transporting readers from the Dutch East Indies era to post-independence Indonesia, the novel tells the story of a dying man named Pak Suraga who suddenly calls Jing Yah, a woman who is not his wife.

Jealousy devours Soeraja’s wife because his last wish was to meet Jeng Yah. However, their three sons, Lipas, Karim and Tijar – are the heirs of the Kretek Dejad Raja, the eldest in the country. kretek Empire (Unfiltered Cigarettes) – He decides to find her whereabouts in the deepest recesses of Java to fulfill her father’s last dying wish.

During their journey, the three discover long-running secrets about their family business and Soeraja’s private life, which includes his love story with Jeng Yah, who was the owner of Kretek Gadis, a local Kretek brand in the once famous M City.

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