Elementary school under fire for organizing undress competition for students

Strip yourselves of all common sense and you might end up at the level of those teachers in Indonesia, who are in trouble to organize a undressing competition for primary school students.

With children returning to school for the new school year this week, Uwung Jaya Public Primary School in Tangerang began an orientation day on Monday.

Among the many activities that day, the school thought that one way to teach young children the concept of self-determination was to have them race to undress and get dressed in the school yard in front of each other and their teachers.

The students’ parents were angry when they learned of the competition, and they lodged a complaint with the Tangerang Education Agency.

Introducing the school [to students] It should include useful, educational, creative and fun activities. [Uwung Jaya] This violated, so we issued a stern warning to its director, “Jamaluddin, head of the Tangerang Education Agency He said yesterday.

It’s not clear who at the school thought of the horrific idea, however it seems there will be no real punishment for anyone involved other than a warning.

push accident condemnation From the Child Protection Indonesian Committee (KPAI), who said there are more productive ways to get into school.

Tangerang City Council Chairman Gatot Wibowo was also furious, describing the competition as “embarrassmentFor the school and its supervisory bodies.

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