Fans are excited that the new “Darna” trailer does justice to the superhero

The latest live-action adaptation of Darna, the famous Filipino superhero, has a turbulent original story. The project started as a movie but went through several actresses and directors over the years before eventually turning into a TV series. But the new ABS-CBN movie trailer about the female warrior is out — and it looks like it was worth the wait, judging by the social media reactions.

Viewers praised the trailer upon its release, noting the stunning visual effects, cinematography, and fight scenes — a rarity in Philippine television usually marred by tacky plot lines and low-budget visuals, like this intense, unconvincing scene that includes a nerf gun from the drama. Ica-6 na Otos.

Darna, created by comic book writer Mars Ravello and considered one of the most famous superheroes in the Philippines, is a warrior from the planet Marty led by Narda, a young Filipino, after she swallowed a mysterious white stone.

Social media described the show as a strong starting point for relatively newcomer Jane De Leon, the third actress associated with the project who joined in 2019 after Lisa Soberano and Angel Locsin pulled out separately due to individual injuries.

Users said ABS-CBN stayed true to the word “going global” with the series’ high production values.

long time darna Fans were also thrilled to see Eiza Calzado dressed as a Filipino superhero as Narda’s mother Leonor Custudio, our first home – giving Narda to this generation a powerful origin story. Calzado was initially cast as Darna in the 2005 GMA-7 TV version, but the role eventually went to Angel Locsin.

Even Janela Salvador’s role as Darna’s antagonist, Valentina, impressed everyone.

ABS-CBN darna The project has been stuck in development hell for years. Acclaimed director Eric Mattei was attached to the project for five years before leaving due to “creative differences” in 2018. He replaced him Joyo: Ang Batang Henral Director Jerrold Tarog before exiting the project due to “scheduling conflicts” at the height of the pandemic. Chito Roño is named the new darna The director in 2021, when the project was re-equipped into a television series.

First published in 1947 as a character emptyAnd the darna It became a best-selling comic and turned into many films and TV series over the past decades.

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