Feverish football fans in Bangkok loved every moment of the ‘red war’, no matter who won (photos)

They cheered and laughed. They showed off their team’s tattoos and T-shirts on the big screen with pride in their eyes. They booed whenever the opposing team tripped over a player in the heat of the match. On one hand, someone that sounded like a raven rooster roared and soon others in the crowd followed behind.

Photo: Nikki Tanskull/Coconuts Media

Although Manchester United beat Liverpool 4-0 in winning the Bangkok Cup of the Century at Rajamangala Stadium last night, what happened on the pitch was only half the fun. Equally intriguing were the rabid red-clad fans scattered throughout the ring, who elevated the experience with their fervent devotion to their favorite teams.

A fan named Lewis snapped a photo spreading his team’s scarf like an eagle soaring toward victory. The 26-year-old ticket holder has been a Manchester supporter for several years, and was happy to see them compete up close.

Photo: Nikki Tanskull/Coconuts Media

“It was so much fun,” he said, “I’ve been a fan for many years now, so that’s been great.”

While Thai fans made up the bulk of the crowd, football fanatics from across the region also traveled to watch the match like Man U superfan Yuda, who flew all the way from Indonesia with his wife.

“I think it was a very good match, all the players played well tonight,” he said. Coconut. “The new Manchester United manager, Erik Ten Hag, is a perfectionist in managing this team. I had to travel here because of course I am a Man U fan.”

While the arena did not reach its full capacity, about 40,000 or so, mostly dressed in cherry red, gathered in waves to watch the “Red War” parade match. From the front row seats, where the most conservative — and affluent — fans perched on foldable plastic chairs, to the more stands, where fans unabashedly cheered, teased and shouted their love for their favorite players, everyone was mesmerized by the spectacle. The two strongest teams battle it out on the field.

Photo: Nikki Tanskull/Coconuts Media

Rappers Jackson Wang and Millie helped create the pre-match hype with a stunning one-hour performance as fans waved scarves and balloons and held up T-shirts. They sneaked as close to the players as possible while they were digging during the hour before the game. They took pictures and videos of each other and jumped on their feet whenever a goal was scored. Competing fan bases competed over who could scream the loudest.

Once the match started, the chants fell on one side of the stadium while the other side turned to a startling silence as Manchester took a 3-0 lead in the first half.

In the last 30 minutes of the match, the Red Sea turned into a rainbow as the audience shimmered in a light rain that hit the stands. Neither the torrential rain nor the lopsided 4-0 final score could dampen the spirits of fans who are still jubilant after watching the two footballing legends compete in the Thai capital.

Photo: Nikki Tanskull/Coconuts Media

One fan named Ton said, “Today, it was a happy day” Coconut He marveled at the Manchester players as the team took home the trophy, accompanied by opening musician Jackson Wang, who made Thais blink in awe. wye gesture. “I was able to see all my favorite players compete. It was a long time coming.”

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