Frowning is not allowed: the mayor orders all government employees to smile while serving the public

Angry employees in government offices can be found just about anywhere, but it seems to have become enough of a problem in Quezon City’s Mulanai that the mayor decided to implement the mandatory smile policy.

Aristotle Aguirre, the mayor of Maulanai, decided that the best way to deal with Krabi government employees was to demand “strict compliance” with an executive order requiring them to smile while facilitating public transactions, calling it one of the main programs of the local government.

During the campaign period in the run-up to the May elections, Aguirre promised to implement the smile policy as soon as he took office. He said this was to make the public feel that local government employees were public servants and to ease the burden on fellow citizens.

Under the Code of Ethics, any employee or official found to have violated the policy will face disciplinary action. The order also states that all complaints will be dealt with by the mayor’s office in accordance with civil service laws, rules and regulations.

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