Get 5 to 3 minute Singapore block waiting time grace, and 3 SGD for every 5 minutes thereafter

Users waiting in Singapore will need to watch the clock more carefully starting July 18, as the company announced that it will cut the current 5-minute grace period between the driver arriving at the pickup point and when customers start charging to just 3 minutes.

Additionally, customers should also be aware that the express carrier will charge users of its standard services S$3 for each 5-minute set of time the driver waits after the 3-minute grace period has expired. GrabCar Premium users will pay SGD 5 per 5-minute waiting block.

This table from Grab’s site It details grace periods and waiting time fees for their various services.

In a notice that appeared in some users, the company justified the change by saying: “Less waiting time means more flights.”

Several commentators on social media have complained about the new policy, and some have pointed out that Grab does nothing to compensate customers when they are left waiting for drivers.

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