Get ready for some serious meals at Top Tables Champions this December

It’s been a couple of years for the food industry and events in general, but Bangkok is making a comeback and so are the dining events. Now, BK, Coconuts Media, and more than 20 of Bangkok’s best fine dining and fine dining restaurants will be hosting Champions of the first tables 2021 in Dec.

If you’re familiar with these events from years past, you’ll know the party. Each restaurant creates a customized tasting menu of four or more courses – available exclusively to champions – starting with prices starting at B1500/person and up. Reservations are made through the Top Tables Champions website (to be published in November), after which you can show up and eat.

This year, though, discounts are the name of the game. Everyone who books a seat in Champions will receive a discount on the listed price of the meal (up to 1,000 B1 off!). If you’re a Citi credit card member, you’ll get an additional discount (that’s right, a second discount) of 18% or more. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Who will participate this year? The list is not finalized yet, but there are some names we can leak Yamazato, Sanneh Jan, Sen Restaurant, Shintaro, Royal Usha, Queens, Indus, Goa, Ministry of Crab, Salvia, Elements, Fillet, Hauma, Axorn, Biscotti, And the Eastern Buraba.

The official website will launch on Monday, November 8 with the full list (and another announcement from us).

The main dates to remember are:

  • Advance Reservation (Citi credit cards only): November 15
  • General reservation (all types of cards): November 22
  • Eating period: 1-31 December

Cheer up people, back eating events!

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