Happily Ever After: An Indonesian woman in her late forties finds love despite her family’s refusal to marry her off to a foreigner.

It’s never too late to find love.

An Indonesian woman in her late 40s married the love of her life, and an Australian man in his 30s, and their Bali wedding video went viral after the woman’s cousin uploaded the happy occasion on TikTok.

Cousin, Laura, He told a local media That her cousin, Tika, 47, tied the knot with Sean, 35, at the Swiss-Belhotel Rainforest in Kuta on June 18.

in the videoLaura said it wasn’t a completely smooth road for Tika and Sean to take their love for each other to the next level, due to the fact that the bride’s family initially rejected the interracial relationship. Laura said the family would marry Tika to a local man sooner instead, even though Tika has been dating Sean for three years.

“The rejection of the woman’s family occurred because of [they are of] different religions as well [the man] Foreigner. “The hope was that our sister would find someone not too far away,” Laura said.

Sean, according to Laura, did not hold back and relentlessly tried to convince Tika’s family to show his commitment to making Tika happy – eventually giving them their blessings.

“Their effort was not in vain. Happy new life my sister. I hope you have a happy family in this world and beyond until you reach Heaven,” Laura wrote on Tiktok.

The useful video got hundreds of thousands of views, where many expressed their happiness with the newlyweds.

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