Holy Wings Bali changes its name to Atlas Beach Festival with the launch of a new club

It seems that the plan of the Indonesian bar chain Holywings to open a beach club in Bali has not been affected (well, approx) with a blasphemy scandal that led to the closure of their establishments.

We said “almost” because while the beach club was officially launched yesterday, it now operates under a different name: Atlas Beach Fest.

Celebrity lawyer Hottman Paris Hotapia, a club shareholder who often makes public statements regarding Holy Wings, For local news outlets That the rebranding took place only due to changes in the management of the company.

There is no legal reason, no political reason. [The name change] It is only because of the new management.

The famous lawyer, who often represents celebrities in high-profile scandals as well added That there are no issues with their permits and the Atlas Beach Festival is ready to welcome guests as of today.

Hotmann said the company has obtained all the required permits for the Atlas Beach Festival. This may be necessary as administrative issues have been cited as the official reason for Jakarta to close its 12 outlets in Holy Wings, including some bars that do not have a permit to serve alcohol.

Coconutnuts Bali I contacted Hottmann Paris for further clarification.

The company promoted the Atlas Beach Fest, located on Berawa Beach, Tibubeneng, to be the largest beach club in Southeast Asia. Anticipation for the beach club was marred by a rowing scandal after the chain posted a free alcohol promotion for men called Muhammad and women named Maria in June.

The promotion sparked outrage in the Muslim-majority country, leading to the closure of all 36 bars and clubs of Holy Wings in the country. Regardless of where Bali is, there is no indication yet that any of the Hollywings outlets will be able to reopen.

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