Hwa Chung Foundation suspends teacher for promoting anti-LGBT lies

A prestigious school facing massive backlash over an anti-gay rally has suspended a teacher responsible.

The Hua Chung Foundation said today it has disciplined a staff member who showed a sex education class to 16-year-old students a slideshow of fabricated statistics smearing the LGBT community as well as a “conversion therapy” video.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred during a presentation on sexuality where a staff member incorporated content outside the scope of the Ministry of Education (MOE) sexuality education curriculum into his slides,” the secular, male-only school said in a statement.

She said the unnamed faculty member was reprimanded and suspended from teaching sex education classes.

She added, “The opinions presented were the employees’ personal views and are not representative of the school’s or the Ministry of Education’s position.”

Wednesday’s show for high school students was not approved by the school.

The show featured “community health” statistics promoting ridiculous and incendiary claims such as “58% of homosexuals have problems with intestinal worms”, among others equating them with a pedophilia.

They were said to be “liars” and created by “troll account”.

A video was also played from a local Christian organization showing a man’s supposedly successful journey through so-called conversion therapy.

LGBT+ advocacy group Heckin’ Unicorn today updated that the school held an emergency meeting with high school 4 students this morning to address the situation after the presentation leaked over the weekend.

Heads of schools, the principal and their deputies were present except for the concerned staff.

The school allegedly tried to explain that what the counselor did did not reflect his character […] We do not agree with him, the extreme lengths he has taken to broadcast hate messages to students reveal his true personality,” the group said.

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