– ‘I don’t think it’s fair’: Hotels turn down calls to charge foreigners more than Thais

Many hotels today have rejected a proposal to formalize double pricing in hotels as discriminatory and counterproductive.

After the Ministry of Tourism and Sports announced that it would encourage hotels across the country to charge foreign nationals higher rates, three hotel representatives today dismissed the proposal as unhelpful and unfair.

“Personally, I don’t see how this would help,” said Anshali Sriongsa, a spokesperson for Outrigger Resorts. Coconut. The tourism sector must be globalized. I don’t see how it is fair that Thais have to pay lower rates compared to foreigners. And foreigners already have a lot to pay in terms of travel expenses.”

On Wednesday, the ministry said it would require hotels to raise rates for foreign visitors to the level they were before COVID-19 devastated the industry while offering discounts to Thai guests.

It’s a bad idea, said Notencha Limbanasumarn, a spokeswoman for the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

“I don’t think that’s fair,” Nutnicha commented. “Whether we are Thais or foreigners, we should all pay the same prices.”

The ministry’s proposal did not make clear whether foreigners living in the kingdom would be required to pay more as well. For years, foreign residents have opposed the so-called double pricing schemes, which have been imposed for years at government-run tourist attractions such as national parks and museums. Foreigners are charged more than 10 times the normal entrance fee to enter the national parks.

Unless they receive a direct order to charge guests an additional fee based on their nationality, Sheraton hotel spokesperson Gontapech Rodbone said it was unlikely that international brands like Sheraton would change their policies.

“While many hotels may have implemented a separate pricing structure for Thai nationals and foreigners in the past, we did not have that kind of pricing structure,” Guntapech said. “Although we have not received any direct offer, our hotels have always offered world class rates to Thai nationals and foreigners alike.”

Tourism Minister Pipat Rachaketprakern said he would meet with the Thai Hotel Association to discuss the plan. An association representative contacted by phone on Thursday said they were unaware of the proposal.

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