I have luck! Insist that the noodles comply with FDA standards after recalling the European Union and Taiwan

Looks like Lucky Me! She doesn’t feel very lucky after Pancit Canton noodles, beloved in 10 countries in the European Union — Malta, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Greenland and the Fayrou Islands — as well as Taiwan were recalled after regulators said the instant noodles contain unsafe levels of ethylene oxide, which is A common pesticide used in agricultural products.

A day after the pasta ban, parent company Monde Nissin, parent company of Lucky Me! , a statement that they did not add the chemical to products during the manufacturing process.

The company said that ethylene oxide is used to process raw materials, and traces of it may appear even after processing the materials into spices and sauces.

“We are aware of information being shared about some Lucky Me! Products are under ongoing recall in the European Union and Taiwan due to the presence of ethylene oxide,” the company wrote in a statement.

“We would like to make it clear that ethylene oxide is not added in Lucky Me! products. It is a treatment commonly used in spices and seeds to control the growth of typical microbes in agricultural products. These substances, when processed into condiments and sauces, may still show traces of ethylene oxide.”

“Rest assured all Lucky Me! The products are registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and comply with local food safety standards and even US Food and Drug Administration standards for ethylene oxide.”

The Irish Food Safety Authority noted that the batch recovered containing “unauthorized” ethylene oxide came from a factory in Thailand, according to it. website.

Monde Nissin’s manufacturing plants in the Philippines are located in Laguna, Davao and Cebu.

Undersecretary for Health Maria Rosario Verger told the media that the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is already investigating.

Lucky Me emerged as the most popular brand in the Philippines in a 2021 Kantar survey.
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