In honor of World Fried Chicken Day, try this ice cream disguised as fried chicken legs

Today, July 6th is World Fried Chicken Day, and while there are plenty of places to buy fried chicken to celebrate the occasion, here’s another sweet way to celebrate the spirit of the day – fried chicken ice cream.

Described as frozen, crunchy, crunchy, creamy and sweet, this new dessert has no chicken and no aftertaste, but it looks as convincing as the real thing.

Fried chicken thighs made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips covered with crunchy cereal.

This ice cream is sold in buckets, fast food style – you can get a trio (PHP488), a half-dozen bucket (PHP888), a family bucket of 12 (PHP1698), or a party bucket of 18 (PHP2488) to enjoy With family and friends.

While the brand does popups from time to time, interested customers may get fried chicken ice cream delivered to their doorstep through Online application form.

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