Indonesia tourism minister defends Julia Roberts’ ‘ticket to heaven’, says she’s promoting Bali despite filming in Australia

Indonesia’s Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Ono has jumped to defend an upcoming romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Heaven ticketwhich was filmed in Australia despite telling the story of a divorced couple who traveled to Bali to sabotage their daughter’s wedding.

The fact that the movie was not filmed on the Island of the Gods drew criticism in Indonesia, but Sandiaga He said Yesterday the movie that was dropped was not by design.

In his weekly press conference, Sandiaga said that the production team Heaven ticket He was among many other production studios that contacted his management to facilitate principal photography for the film in Bali.

While Sandiaga did not specify any specific dates, he emphasized that the request was made at the height of the COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia and the strict social restriction measures (known locally as PPKM) at the time.

“I said that when it comes to making it easier to relax the visa and make it easier for photo permissions, we will be able to. [help]. But when it comes to COVID-19, we have to follow the rules from the COVID-19 Task Force.”

finally, Heaven ticket It was filmed on an island in Queensland, Australia from November of last year to February.

However, Sandiaga said Indonesia could still benefit from the film, which is scheduled for release in October, arguing that positive images associated with the magical island could help boost tourism. Bali’s tourism-dependent economy has been devastated during the pandemic, but the island is showing signs of recovery after reopening its doors to international tourists earlier this year.

For example, All pray love (Another movie also starring Roberts), filmed in Ubud, Bali [and released] in 2010 and it has been successfully screened all over the world. Shortly thereafter, tourist visits in Bali, and especially in Ubud, rose significantly.”

As Sandiaga pointed out, Heaven ticketThe production team will likely have “other considerations” for budget efficiency, especially with the difficulty of shooting a movie during the pandemic.

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