Indonesian singer Isyana Sarasvati prepares to drop songs from her latest album ‘Lexicon’ live on Nusa Dua on July 22.

Singer-songwriter Isiana Sarasvati is set to take her heart out on stage at the Island of the Gods this month after live performances in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya to promote her latest studio album, dictionary.

The 29-year-old multi-instrumentalist known for writing and composing her own songs has been released dictionary On November 29, 2019. But due to the pandemic, the planned promotional tour has been postponed for three years.

The album, which has influences in classical music and progressive rock, was said to depict the singer’s personality as well as musically showing her “true colours”.

“What is certain is that we want to showcase Isyana’s entire business,” Sarah Cassanda, Isyana’s director, said over the weekend.

I was born in Bandung LixiConcert he is scheduled to happen in Taman Bhagawan In Nusa Dua on July 22, other singers like Idgitaf and Gamaliel Tapiheru (with whom Isyana recorded the Indonesian cover of A whole new world for Disney) also to appear in the event.

Since her debut pop album debuted in 2015, Isyana, who has a classical music background, has forged her identity as an Indonesian actress who writes her own songs. She is also known for her intricate live shows while keeping things light and joking with her audience.

It is worth noting that she actually sang in Bali at the Joyland Festival in March. But this time, Isyana goes on her own and is ready to give everything on stage. Isyanation, are you ready?

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