Indonesia’s anti-corruption agency deputy head resigns over motorcycle concessions

Lili Pintuli Sirgar has resigned as deputy head of the Corruption Eradication Agency (KPK) amid an official investigation into allegations that she took concessions during this year’s motorbike race despite being one of Indonesia’s biggest graft violators.

President Joko Widodo signed Lilly’s resignation today.

“President Jokowi received Lili Pintoli Sergar’s letter of resignation. The President signed a presidential order to terminate it,” Valdo Maldini, Special Officer at the Secretary of State’s Department, confirmed reporters today.

Lilly was in the spotlight earlier this month when she was called to respond to the KPK Ethics Board over reports that she had received tickets and accommodations to attend the MotoGP Speedway in Lombok in March. The state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, one of the main sponsors of the Grand Prix, has reportedly awarded her the concessions.

The embattled vice chairman missed the first board hearing, citing a scheduling conflict, but he managed to get called this morning in Jakarta.

While this case serves as a reminder that sometimes even KPKs need KPK-ing, Lili isn’t the first graft-busting agency leader to be embroiled in a similar controversy.

The two former KPK Vice Presidents, Bibit Samad Ryanto and Chandra M., have been arrested. Hamza, in 2009 due to allegations of abuse of power and bribery. The Prosecutor’s Office eventually resorted to it disintegration (Indonesian term in which the AGO law halts the case with the support of the House of Representatives) due to public pressure – but the case still shows how vulnerable the situation is regardless of one’s innocence.

Lilly notably served as Commissioner of the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) before becoming Vice President of KPK in 2019. Her tenure at KPK was supposed to end in 2023.

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