Kota thief withdraws IDR 10 million from victim’s bank account after she entered on her birthday ATM PIN

The money hijacker arrested by the Kuta Police yesterday succeeded in withdrawing the money using the ATM card of his victim after correctly guessing the PIN, which was her birthday.

In its statement, the Kuta Police revealed that the suspect’s initials are RR while the victim was identified as RA, 27, who was working at the Indomaret store on Kuta Street in Badung.

Police said that R. a. She put her bag inside her desk closet last Saturday around 3pm. After her shift ended around 11 p.m., she was shocked to see that her purse had been opened and that the wallet inside was missing.

She immediately filed a report with the Kuta Police. Authorities managed to arrest RR at his residence in South Kuta on Monday around 8pm.

In total, the suspect, a 39-year-old from West Java, took 10 million Indonesian rupiah (US$665) from RA’s bank account in five different withdrawals.

s Tell The authorities I entered on RA’s birthday in DD-MM-YY format as an ATM PIN, and had access to her account. He said he knew the victim’s birthday from her ID card (KTP), which was also in her bag.

suspect He confessed He used the money to pay off his debts, buy some clothes, and drank wine in nightclubs.

Under Indonesian law, RR may face up to five years in prison for theft.

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