Legendary Indonesian singer, Bob Tutubuli, dies at the age of 82

Indonesian singing legend Bob Tutubuli passed away at midnight on Tuesday. He was 82 years old.

Bob had a stroke and has been going back and forth to the hospital for medical treatment since December of last year. His condition worsened due to complications from several other diseases due to his advanced age.

Bob’s only daughter, Sacha Karina Totopoli, said today that he was admitted to the intensive care unit in early May for about a month due to his deteriorating health.

According to Sasha, Bob initially showed signs of recovery and was preparing for home care.

“However, his condition became critical last night and he cannot be treated anymore,” Sasha He said.

Bob’s body has been placed at a funeral home at a hospital in South Jakarta. He will be buried at Tanah Kassir Cemetery in South Jakarta on Thursday.

Born in Surabaya to Moluccan parents, Bob began his singing career in the early 1960s before rising to fame thanks to a song titled and rotates, It was written by Salamat Ariadi and sung in 1976 after his return from the United States. His other singles include, which are mostly ballads Tinggi Gunung Seribu Janji, Mengapa Tiada Maaf (Why not forgive), And the kirindwan (longing), Among other things. Pop Indonesia represented on many international stages.

Aside from singing, Bob has also been a TV host for shows like quiz show Pesona 13 And the Rajam Bison and hosted a music show Tembang Kenangan (The Song of Our Memories) When he was older. He also worked in a number of films such as Jelly Inamorati Della Becak (Love Story of a Bicak Driver) in 1958 by the Italian director, Binasaran (curious) 1977, and his way is dead (Indonesian title: Civic Duty) 2008.

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