Locals bid farewell to the famous Tiara Dewata Shopping Mall in Denpasar

Tiara Dewata, Bali’s oldest supermarket chain, has achieved legendary status on the island after having been around for more than three decades. Netizens are saddened that the mall is moving to a new location after the lease expires this month.

Tiara Dewata was launched in 1986, and until July of this year, it was located at Mayjen Sutoyo Number 55 in Dauh Puri, Denpasar. Long before other malls appeared on the Island of the Gods, Tiara Diwata established itself as a centerpiece among Bali attractions.

Novi Sitio Otomo, business manager of the famous supermarket confirmed During the weekend the business needs to move as its rent at the current location expires this month.

“This month [July] We are already moving He said.

“There is nothing to worry about. In business, there is always an opportunity to resettle and so on. In this case, there are no conflicts at all.”

Novie confirmed that Tiara Dewata is not at risk of any kind and that the move is only due to rental agreements, although he acknowledged that moving the site could cut some costs and open a window of opportunity for new clients.

There will be two Tiara Dewatas after they close on Mayjen Sutoyo Street. One is located on Tukad Yeh Aya Street and the other is on Diponegoro Street. The latter was formerly known as Freshindo Market and will be rebranded to Tiara Dewata Sanglah.

Tiara Dewata is famous for its children’s playground with bumper cars (known locally as Boom Boom CarStuffed animal vending machines. Those who have fond memories of Tiara Diwata are saddened by the changes.

Mita, 30, who lives in Ubong, told a local media that during its heyday, a visit to Tiara Diwata was “mandatory” for both shopping and entertainment.

“I often played there during childhood. It is a shame that it is closed now,” she said, referring to the original site’s closure.

While Mita admitted that most people now prefer to shop online, she said that she and her loved ones sometimes went to Tiara Diwata solely for nostalgic reasons.

Separately, Ni-Med Dian Kosiawati, 38, said she had been going regularly to Tiara Diwata since she was in primary school. As an adult, she often takes her kids to the shopping center.

‘It’s like we’ve been here for generations’ He said.

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