Lumpia fans gather at the Lumpia Eating Contest in Texas

A Filipino restaurant in Houston, Texas, has mobilized its community members to come together for the second edition of the now-popular Colombian eating contest on July 4th in a bid to help small businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Seven contestants representing different restaurants in Houston covered several fried lumps Rolls under 10 minutes in a competition hosted by the Filipino establishment Be More Pacific: Filipino Kitchen & Bar.

Co-owner Giovan Cochapin said the competition was created as a way to bring people together to enjoy Filipino food and culture, while mobilizing support for the local restaurant industry affected by the pandemic.

“Last year, companies have been kind of creeping up on COVID. We’re still kind of getting out of there, especially with the restaurant business. We’re just doing our part to help everyone and get out of this funk and get everyone where they want to go,” Cuchapin told Houston’s KPRC2 network.

Chris Nguyen, who represents the Poke Joint Seaside Poke, won the contest after eating 52 lumbias.

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