Malaysia arrests Singaporeans who tore license plate at Tuas Second Link

A raging duo caught on the road cheated out of themselves and spawned several memes.

Malaysian police have arrested a Singaporean man and woman who vented their anger by ripping off the license plate of a minibus and childishly flipping the driver. Their names have not been revealed.

Both suspects admitted their involvement in the suspended case. The suspect is believed to be unhappy that her car was blocked and scraped during the accident,” Chief of Police of Iskandar Puteri Johor Rahmat Ben Arifin. He said in a statement.

Saturday’s accident occurred on the Tuas Second Link bridge that connects Singapore to Johor. It was full of cars lined up to cross the immigration checkpoint in Malaysia when a woman was suddenly seen leaning on a Toyota Alphard to stop her from moving. Then she tore her license plate and smashed the windshield of the car.

Alphard allegedly crashed into a red Kia when it tried to change lanes.

The viral incident continued when a man, believed to be her son, ran over and gave Alphard’s driver the middle finger before rushing into their car. Then Alphard’s driver got off to retrieve the car’s license plate from the road.

Other videos from different angles showed her making fun of the driver by blocking the car and smiling.

At the end of Singapore, the Singapore Police Force said a report had been filed regarding allegations of the murder of the woman and her family.

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