Manchester United and Liverpool head to Bangkok – Ronaldo stays at home

As Manchester United and Liverpool make their way to Bangkok today, there isn’t a single notable player on board – striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football fans were delighted to see Tuesday’s Bangkok Cup of the Century at Rajamangala Stadium, where they are said to have taken leave to “deal with a family affair”.

The stadium has been renovated to evoke the feel of being at a football match in England for the highly anticipated one-night-only football match, which fans dubbed “The Red War”. Rapper Jackson Wang is scheduled to perform his opening show from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

But Ronaldo’s absence will likely be a disappointment to many fans. The 37-year-old did not appear at club activities including Monday’s pre-season training in Carrington, England.

His absence follows an ongoing transfer dispute in which Ronaldo asked to leave the football club to join a club in the Champions League to continue playing for major trophies after Manchester United failed to finish fourth last season.

Manchester United remained determined to keep Ronaldo, saying he still had 12 more months on his contract and he was not for sale.

Jackson Wang will open Liverpool’s match against Manchester United in July
Liverpool and Manchester next “match of the century” to Rajamangala Stadium

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