Manchester United vs Liverpool in Bangkok for live broadcast in virtual reality

Football fans in Thailand can step onto the pitch and play the game when Manchester United and Liverpool meet next week at Rajamangala Stadium – if they have the right equipment.

Described as the first live football virtual reality broadcast to be experienced through multiple 360-degree cameras, the match It can be watched through an interactive live broadcast featuring five 360-degree VR cameras when it kicks off at 8pm on Tuesday at Rajamangala National Stadium,

The broadcast is only available to subscribers of telecom provider AIS, which has recruited a dedicated VR missionary who has lived in Thailand for 20 years to make it happen.

“This gives the viewer a unique perspective that they cannot access anywhere else, and gives them a seat in the square where no one else could be,” said Al Caudullo, founder of Explore Immersive Studios in Bangkok. Coconut. “You get a better view from the 25,000-baht benches because you’re closer to the field.”

Kandao Qoocam 8K Enterprise 360 ​​Camera. Photo: Explore Immersive Studios / Courtesy

Kudlow said 8K and 360-degree cameras will be positioned around the pitch at opposing goals and midfield on opposing sides. Viewers will have multiple feeds to tune into: one jumping from camera to camera to follow the action, and another with fixed views.

The cameras are Kandao Qoocam 8K Enterprise 360 ​​cameras, which are 10-bit and therefore offer up to a billion colors. Caudullo said it “offers the highest quality available today.”

At around $2,000 a unit, they’re pretty pricey, too. During the match, the attacker will stand next to each of them to fend off any stray balls.

One last thing to note about the cameras: They won’t move, because that can turn any VR headset into a puking sponge.

How can it be tuned? The entry barrier is very steep. Viewers must be an AIS subscriber with compatible 5G phones that have downloaded the AIS 5G VR app (iOS/robot). The event can be viewed either in a Pico VR headset, a copy of AIS sells for only 14,500 THB (400 USD) or 5G phone or with any type face hugging phone – Although this is very ugly and not worth it.

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