‘No one felt abused’: JKT48’s Gracia denies that the group was sexually harassed after a concert

JKT48’s Gracia has come forward to address concerns that idol group members have been sexually harassed after their concert in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

The accident occurred in a mall in Sukoharjo on June 28. When security personnel took the JKT48 members off the stage, a fan walked towards the girls and seemed to have managed to touch an idol’s chest at some point, and a video of him was widely circulated online.

In a recent interview, Gracia said that the video did not provide the full picture because the fan did not touch any of the members’ intimate parts.

“In this video, it looked as if we were affected in our private parts, but what really happened was that we were not affected in our sensitive areas, we only touched the shoulders and arms,” Gracia said.

According to Gracia, the audience’s enthusiasm reached high levels as the idols walked off the stage and through the crowd set up behind low barriers.

“So [the fans] They put a line to say goodbye to us, and that’s when a lot of them shouted the members’ names. Gracia rooted the moment.

“There were actually many members who were touched, almost all of them are gone [to the concert]. I even touched my shoulder, and someone was also holding my hand, because the situation at that time was crowded. But fortunately it was nothing serious, and we can still understand it. None of the members felt that they had been sexually harassed.”

Before meeting Gracia, JKT48 management had earlier published a statement on Monday denying any sexual harassment had taken place, saying that the concert, which was part of the group’s 10th anniversary tour, went on unhindered “from start to finish.”

“It was confirmed that there was extraordinary enthusiasm from the fans who wanted to greet the members when they were walking backstage, but the incident was quickly responded to by the security team,” the statement read.

Sokoharjo police said they questioned JKT48 management over the incident, but acknowledged they had their hands tied in connection with launching an investigation.

“[Management] On Monday, Wahyo Nugroho, Sokoharjo police chief, said there had been no harassment of JKT48 members or any other problems.

Oddly enough, although there was no official complaint from JKT48 management, the group canceled the Bandung show scheduled for Sunday at the last minute, citing “technical and non-technical safety concerns”.

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