No, this is not a Thai TV host that slips into your DMs

A popular morning news anchor with a checkered past warned his viewers last night that he doesn’t hit random women.

Channel Three’s Suryaoth Suthasanachinda, who recently returned to her job after serving a fraudulent stint, said Thursday night that someone was pretending to be him for romance.

“These are pictures from China’s deception group in Asia,” he wrote online. “I got used to their picture. He claims to be Singaporean but lives in America, is a single father with two children living in England. He tried to cheat Thai women but he didn’t do his homework. If you are that stupid, don’t be cheating.”

The post included screenshots of a WhatsApp chat in which the romantic scammer sent multiple photos of Sorayuth. “Good morning,” wrote the person identified in the chat as Tao Chong, and attached multiple photos of Surayoth, including one with a meal and another with a Pomeranian.

“Is this you?” The woman answered. “I know, why would you ask that?” wrote again. You asked me to send my photos and I sent them. Why are you asking if my photos are back? “

“Pictures of a Thai man named Surayoth Suthasanachinda”, returned in Thai. He is a well known news reporter and recognized by everyone in the community. I want to know what you are trying to do. The images I used even include Thai text. What are you thinking, you need to do more research.”

“Use translation from Thai to English,” she added.

Last year, Surayoth regained his spot as the best TV news dog when he returned to host morning newsfive years after he was convicted of fraud and jailed for 14 months with eight years in prison for defrauding the state-run MCOT in the amount of 138 million Thai baht.

Note to the scammers out there: You probably can’t fool a scammer.

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