Rajadamnern Stadium will host Muay Thai matches for the first time

Women will no longer be prohibited from fighting or touching the ring at Bangkok’s historic boxing stadium.

Next week, eight female boxers will enter the ring and fight at Rajadamnern Stadium – the first such fight since the stadium opened 77 years ago.

Since the first Muay Thai match in 1945, the stadium has not hosted a women’s match.

why? There has long been a traditional belief that the boxing ring is overseen by venerable deities who forbid female fighters from entering.

But the playing field is ready to move on from this belief deeply rooted in patriarchal norms.

The stadium’s new management, Global Sports Ventures – which has pledged to invest in “revolutionary” the venue to attract a new generation – held a party last week to ask the boxing ring’s gods for permission to allow the fighters to fight.

The first women’s Muay Thai fight will be held on July 22 eight boxers – Four Thais and four foreign fighters – exchange punches, elbows, knee strikes and kicks.

The competition is part of the global Rajadamnern series and holds a purse of 1 million THB for the winner. In the future, there will also be a women’s section.

Rajadamnern Stadium is currently undergoing a renovation under new management. The women’s first-ever fight is part of a campaign to give the historic stadium a more modern and international appeal, according to Global Sports Ventures.

In May, the stadium got an upgrade with a track-side cocktail bar by Asia Today in Chinatown serving strong wines made with Northeast rum.

File photo of Rajadamnern Stadium in May 2022. Photo: Chayanit Itthipongmaetee/Coconuts Bangkok


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