Senator Amy Marcos defends Mother Imelda’s 93rd birthday party in Malacanyang, calling it a ‘simple get-together’

“A Simple Encounter” is Senator Amy Marcos’ description of her mother’s birthday celebration, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, held at Malacanang Palace just two days after the death of her son Ferdinand “Pong Pong” Marcos Jr. Oath of office as president.

“We had a simple family and friends getting together. We had a little get-together, and the musicians and art scholars gave her a little party. She was so happy,” the senator told reporters.

Some netizens have criticized the celebration of Christmas after images of the occasion were leaked online, arguing that it is reminiscent of the lavish and excessive spending under former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

However, Marcus defended her mother’s birthday celebration, saying it was only a simple relationship mirinda – Referring to afternoon snacks.

“Of course, my mom is already 93,” Marcos said in Filipino. “She’s really old, so when you say party, there’s no swing because they’re also old.” “But yes, we had a very simple meeting with a little recitation of old friends and scholars.”

The senator added that she was sure everyone had brought food to the party. “It was so funny. And all the products are free. Is that not allowed? I don’t know. Because I was also having birthday parties (in Malacañang) when I was a kid. Is that not allowed?”

The party photos showed a Filipino menu that included an appetizer, buffet, carving station, and dessert.

A video clip also showed guests dressed in Filipino costumes dancing in the ballroom.

Meanwhile, Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angelis said that when it comes to matters kept by family members at the mansion, “there is no policy in place yet and that’s really all we can say.”

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