Singapore ‘Karen’ asks Korean tourist to cover up or ‘rape Indians’ (video)

An unfriendly Singaporean woman’s advice to a Twitch tourist wowed today that she managed to turn racism and sexism into one brief exchange.

Korean singer Bunniejin, also known as Alice, was broadcasting her holiday in Singapore this morning when a woman came to ask her to cover up to avoid being raped, and she had a very clear idea who would do the imagined rape.

Singapore is very safe but you don’t want Indians to be raped […] Don’t dress like that,” she can be heard saying in video.

Photo: Bunniejin / Twitch

Alice, who was wearing a short, lacy dress, was leaving Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cafe after breakfast when the woman told her that her clothes were “expensive”. This was only the first day of Alice’s trip to Singapore.

“Can you please not dress like that? You are such a beautiful girl, you do not belittle your image!” said the woman.

Then Alice shocked her, thanked her for the advice, and walked away.

Viewers in the comments called the inquisitive woman “Karen,” “racist,” and told Alice to “ignore” her and “run away.” Some assured her that this was “not a good representation of Singapore”.

“I don’t know what to say guys […] Yes, that was too racist, she shouldn’t have thought like that! Alice said.

Some of WTF’s most memorable moments in Singapore were finding their way into the popular video game streaming platform. Last week, a creepy woman in a creepy mask interrupted some local picks that kicked their food and put them in danger.

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