Singapore puppy terrified and trapped in kennel (video)

An angry man has been caught venting his anger on a dog after it was bitten.

Animal advocates, chained dog awareness, drew attention last night to a video showing a small brown hybrid being cornered and abused by a screaming man.

“Welcome to hell, my friend! Four weeks from hell!” The man heard a scream.

The footage dated the night of March 20 shows a puppy walking into a small room with a dog bed and a bowl. A man starts yelling at the dog for being bitten and repeatedly hits a food bowl against the wall and at the dog to scare him. He is also seen using a hook to taunt him and take off his leash while the dog crouches in fear.

The Chain Dog Awareness organization said the Animal and Veterinary Service was aware of the incident and interviewed the parties but did not reveal the name of the boarding facility responsible.

The group later said it believed the facility belonged to K9 Connection, a dog training group that says it employs “certified” trainers that are AVS-certified.

K9 Connection declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

The Animal and Veterinary Service did not immediately respond to a letter requesting comment.

Last September, the local K-9 Obedience Services obedience training school was charged with dog abuse.

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